Our Story

At the heart of Palm Beach, Papia Mia combines the influences that make our island Aruba, an incredible melting pot of cultures, unlike anywhere else. We have curated an experience that brings you delicious cuisine with added Aruban flair.

The unexpected is our thing! Our menu has a wide range of flavors to truly represent and honor the spirit of our island and those who crafted the local cuisine. Our handmade peanut sauce, our pica di papaya… are some of the touches that will stimulate and enchant your taste buds.

We aren’t just a new restaurant on the strip. We’re a cultural expression of our land. With local staff and founders, we source local ingredients and highlight local artists in our walls to create an immersive experience of the Aruba you know and love.

Sit down and get ready to delight in all that our culture has to offer. Live entertainment by local artists will enhance the vibes with sounds of steel pan band and DJs while you sip deliciously crafted cocktails and indulge in all-time favorite dishes made to satisfy your cravings.

Come for the food and stay for the atmosphere! After all, a pizza baked in an Aruban flag oven is just… better!

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